Made of
luminum alloy&stainless stee

Waterproof joint for
full use

All the cars have one year warranty.The body of car is made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel.After the research and development was completed, it took nearly two years of actual measurement to ensure safety and firmness before it was launched on the market.Despite this,many details are still constantly evolving and upgrading.The whole car adopts IP66 Waterproof Connectors,that you can on a rainy day with peace of mind.

Intimate kickstand design

To save
time effortlessly

With a small wheel design,you can move by yourself after being detachable in a small space,and it can also assist in the level of installation.

Light and handy

Space efficient

After the Freeker is disassembled,the weight is shared so that the users can put it on the car by themselves.

The size is reduced to a minimum and doesn't occupy space, making it easy to carry when going out.

Fixed battery lock is safety

Easy to replace and charging

The customized controller is perfectly matched with the motor system,and the two-in-one design with the battery is compact and beautiful.Fixed battery lock to prevent falling off during riding, and also quick extraction of the battery,which is convenient charging and replace.The charging time is about 6-8 hours, it has 10.4AH endurance of 30 kilometers.

can be adjusted


Angle adjustment seat,Can be adjusted according to the slope and width,make the wheelchair and the front of the car tightly integrated,quality and safety will more guaranteed

It is also one of Freeker's major features.The slope and height can be adjusted,and the width can also be changed with different wheelchairs.

The stainless steel material is very strong and can withstand long-term use.This design makes the front of the car and the wheelchair tightly integrated without shaking.


LCD instrument

Free switching between three of car gears,the maximum speed is 25km,control power supply and headlight switch, with USB charging function, can memorize mileage.The fault code will be displayed when the fault occurs, which is convenient and quick to repair, and the CE certification is safe and guaranteed.


Safety buckle

Intimate small design of the handbrake, so that you wouldn't slip during installation and handling.


Brake Discs

At the beginning, the design thought that some of people might have one of the weaker hand,there is another side of the brake to assist,and the safety during riding is doubled.

Finish by yourself

Easy to install

Without tools and no need to install anything on the wheelchair,just manually adjust the size.Quick installation,without the assistance of others,one-handed completion.It can be used with all round-tube wheelchairs on the market,and the angle and length can also be adjusted to perfectly fit your wheelchair.

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